Goa Teen Patti Casino Trainer

The Goa Teen Patti solitaire app has been designed to train beginners and mediocre players in Teen Patti game and its Variations including Zhandu, Flipper as played in casinos in Goa. Even experts can check their performance. You do not need any internet connection to play the game since it is solitaire. There are no charges and no money is involved, directly or indirectly. Also, it is ad free, so you can practice and entertain yourself uninterrupted. If you ever plan to play Teen Patti or its Variations like 2 card game, 4 card game, Muflis, Joker game, AK47, AK56,  Zhandu or Flipper in any casino in Goa or Nepal, then you must practice the game and test your skills before you play there with money. This app really prepares you for playing in casinos. 

The ads free Goa Teen Patti Casino Trainer app is available at Google Play Store  free of cost. Link for the app is  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kkg.goateenpatti&pli=1